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Mistakes happen, we all know this. If your mind isn’t completely focused on what you’re doing, sometimes you can say the wrong person’s name in a conversation. If you’re talking while writing, you may find part of the conversation slipping into … Continue reading

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Online workshops coming soon

A published author friend of mine, Ransom Noble, conducts a real-life speculative fiction workshop, and I have a short story workshop. We are currently working on bringing these workshops (and others) to the web as online, forum-based versions. If you, or … Continue reading

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To ease the urge to correct grammar

I’ve always felt the urge to correct poor grammar when I encounter it. It’s just this need I’ve had for as long as I can remember. Heck, I even edit my own internal monologue when it throws out an improper … Continue reading

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Successful author shares marketing tips

Dr. Bill Quain, a successful self-published author, shared with Joel Friedlander some of the marketing tips that have worked so well for his books. The “Big Selling Secret”, according to Dr. Quain, is “If you want to sell books, you need … Continue reading

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Welcome to All things editing. I’m glad you’ve decided to join me in this endeavor. In the coming posts (which should occur each Wednesday) I hope to be able to impart some useful writing tips, inject some humor in your … Continue reading

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