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Types or levels of editing

There are a few different types or levels of editing that writers encounter in the course of preparing a manuscript for publication. While there is a bit of overlap between the types, and many people use different names for them, I’ve … Continue reading

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Manuscript Formatting

Occasionally I receive a manuscript for copy editing that looks like a print book, or at least like it’s trying to be a print book. In these cases, I carefully explain to the author that such formatting (adding a table … Continue reading

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Are Typos Okay?

 A few days ago, a good friend (writer Ransom Noble) sent me a link to a CNN editorial article about typos. The author of the article, Bob Greene, was prompted to write it because of the recent scare when the … Continue reading

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Use Twitter to Find Fiction Markets

 As a recent Twitter account holder, I’m still trying to get my bearings and figure out how to get the most benefit from it. While sifting through recent tweets, I came across the link to an interview with author Joanna … Continue reading

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Use character profile sheets to keep details straight

Have you ever been reading a novel and found yourself pulled up short when the main character, who had green eyes in the first chapter, suddenly has “eyes the color of a midsummer sky”? Or perhaps the spelling of their … Continue reading

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Great Grammar Resource

If you’ve never heard of Grammar Girl, you should check her out. Grammar Girl is Mignon Fogarty, the creator of the Quick and Dirty Tips website, former magazine and technical writer, and all-around grammar guru. Her website features daily tips … Continue reading

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