Astonishingly bad editorial feedback

In a Facebook group this morning, a reference to this blog post by Leonard Chang surfaced*. As an editor, I was astonished by the lack of sensitivity shown by this editor. This person actually thinks it’s okay for the author to have his character look in the mirror and “show how she sees her slanted […]

Limited Availability in October

I will be unavailable for new projects for the month of October. I will be attending an intensive, full-time course for the full month and will not have the time to devote to editing or design work. I will still be checking email and answering questions, but if you have any work you need done […]

Website Design Changes

With spring comes spring cleaning, and websites should be no exception. We’ve been examining our site’s page load stats recently and noticed that there were a few areas of the site that received little or no traffic. This indicated to us that it was about time to do some cleaning. While the overall look of […]

Making Sense of Ebooks

This content originally appeared on 6 February 2013 as a guest post on the blog of Elizabeth Mahadeo, a satisfied client of Sleeping Cat Books. In this digital age, ebooks continue to gain prominence. As an author, it is certainly in your best interest to offer your work on at least one ebook platform, and […]

It’s all relative

What’s the difference between a restrictive relative clause and a nonrestrictive relative clause? What’s a relative clause, even? A relative clause is a dependent clause that begins with either a relative pronoun (that, which, who), a relative adjective (whose), or a relative adverb (when, where). Such clauses can be restrictive or nonrestrictive, depending on how […]

Who Versus Whom

One of the more confusing pieces of English grammar is when to use who and whom. Actually, there’s a very simple test you can use in most cases to discover which one is correct. Simply restructure the sentence in your mind, substituting he or him in place of who or whom. If it’s a question, […]

Editors and eBooks

I’ve wanted to emphasize the need for self-publishers to hire an independent, professional copy editor before going to print, but just couldn’t find the right words. An American Editor has found them for me, and with much more style than I probably would have used. In his blog post On Words & eBooks – Give Me […]

To continue with dissertations

That is the question. I’ve been considering adding dissertation/thesis editing and formatting to my list of services offered. My dissertation client offered to pass out and hang a flier at her university for me. But I have to wonder if the potential business would be worth the potential headache and frustration. I had thought I’d […]

Branching out

I usually edit fiction, but a friend from high school recently contacted me about editing and formatting her doctoral dissertation, and I agreed. I’ve never worked on a dissertation before, but her university provided very specific guidelines for organization and formatting, and I’ve got the APA Publication Manual for everything those guidelines don’t cover. So […]

Types or levels of editing

There are a few different types or levels of editing that writers encounter in the course of preparing a manuscript for publication. While there is a bit of overlap between the types, and many people use different names for them, I’ve tried to present here a general overview of each. Developmental Editing Sometimes called structural or […]