News from Ludicrous

News from Ludicrous coverAlyce never thought to see Campton, Ohio again, but her journalism internship brought her home. Now she must deal with the ghosts of her past, a junior reporter with a chip on her shoulder, and a series of bizarre accidents she witnesses that give her the chance to show her writing ability. The silver lining is Jamie, the mechanical genius who keeps the antiquated press running.

The accidents that Alyce witnesses are based on actual news stories from the Darwin Awards website and other sources.

This novel is complete at approximately 93k words. I am seeking representation for this manuscript.

The Other One

The Other One coverI am currently at work on my second standalone novel, The Other One.

When Reese Scheuen is attacked in an alley in Columbus, Ohio, her latent ESP abilities awaken. She finds herself drawn to and connected with Erik and Cherie in a way none of them can explain. Reese’s new abilities allow her, with the help of the others, to assist the ghosts of Columbus to move on. But how long can the trio continue their mission when there‚Äôs a dark force that seems to be stalking Reese?

I expect this novel to be complete at about 90k words and will also be seeking representation for this novel when it is finished.

Short Fiction

Short Shorts: Five flash fiction stories

Short Shorts coverFive flash fiction stories:

Dark Chocolate Dreams – Stacy has a soft spot for dark chocolate. A cautionary tale of overindulgence.
Baby John – A lonely old woman tells her life story.
The Hanging Tree – A tree shares its life story.
Happy Birthday to Me – A child’s birthday becomes a frightening part of history.
Unwelcome Guest – Death pays a visit.

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Santa’s Got a Brand New App

short story cover
Santa finally updates his Naughty List processing. But what happens when a mischievous boy gets his hands on it?

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